DJ James

I have 2 sound systems, with enough gear for back up of either.

System 1
JBL dual 15" speakers
QSC PLX series amplification
American Audio dual cd players
16 channel mixer
Audio Technica wireless lapel mic
Audio Technica wireless handheld mic
10 X 6 equipment rack

System 2
SRM 450 Mackie powered speakers
4 channel mixer
American Audio dual cd players
Audio Technica wireless lapel
Audio Technica wireless lapel
10 X 4 equipment rack

As far as lighting, I have the following:
10' Crank-Up triangle trussing set
4 light stands with T bars
8 Par 64 (black)
4 Par 64 (silver)
4 Par 56 (silver)
4 Par 46 (silver)
2 Vertigo special effect lights
2 Vue special effects
2 DJ Scan 250
2 Co-pilot system with 3 switch packs (relay packs)
1 DMX/Analog light controller with realy pack

My music library is all MP3/Digital format, with over 40,00 songs. I have every style/era of music, including Mexican / Spanish music. I am very proficient in performing events, especially weddings.