Aaron Foster

Based in Park forest IL

Probably the most respected unknown comedian from the current Chicago scene. A native Chicagoan who spent his youth on both the north and south sides of the city, Aaron Foster later graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana with a BA in Speech Communication. He is supplementing his comedy career through real estate. Aaron is presently a touring headliner for many concerts, colleges and clubs.  He discovered his love for comedy as an employee of the nationally recognized- All Jokes Aside Comedy Club and has performed in as many as 45 of the 50 states as well as three international countries.

Aaron Foster is a very original and edgy stand-up comic. If you like your stand-up comedy with a bite think Mike Tyson and you get Aaron Foster. There is no topic this comic will not deal with and no joke too fresh or new or cutting for this guy. In a world where too many so-called edgy comics are just hacks who use the f word to cover up unoriginal material or get an easy laugh from an audience who thinks f is edgy, this guy uses his sharp mind to shred whatever catches his interest, even if this is sometimes his own life. Contibuting producer and sometimes Co- host of Mancow Mullers Morning Madhouse- Fox 32 affiliated channels.  Contributer to Tottally Biased with W. Kumau Bell on Spike TV.  Aaron was the sole producer of the World Acclaimed "We Love Obama Comedy Tour".   Aaron has the ability to produce any tour in your venue.

2012 picked as one of Jaime Masadas newer crop of talented comedians for the new Chicago Laugh factory.  Is the Regular and favored host of the Nasty show.   Aaron has performed for the laugh factory.  In the 2008 April edition of Chicago Magazine Aaron was interviewed as a featured story. (Page 78) In 1998-99, Aaron participated in the Canadian Mist, the Bud Light, and the Miller Genuine Draft comedy competitions. Winner of the Salem Orb-E Future Faces Competition in October 2000, Mr. Foster was awarded the opportunity to open, Jill Scott, Tommy Chong, George Wilborne, D.L. Hughley, Dice Clay, Bruce Bruce and lotsa others. Aaron Foster was semi-finalist in the NBC based "Last Comic Standing".  Regional Finalist in “The World Series of Comedy”, He was also a participant in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival- Play Vegas Semi finalist in 2007.  Also he was a featured performer in the Grand Rapids funny fest 2013. 

Aaron has performed for the troops in across seas for the USO tour. A participant of the Atlanta-based LaffaPaloosa 2001 Comedy Showcase ,the comedian was also featured as host of the Chicago underground hot spot Cosmos comedy lounge. Television credits include a Chicago- based television show Ben Around Town, NBC reality show-Starting Over, ABC “My Life As A Sitcom”. Aaron has been described by fellow comedy circuit regulars as artist who possesses that rare ability of bringing the gift of laughter to a racially and emotionally diverse crowd. Mr. Foster is quoted as being one of the best performers ever seen by Chicago comedians.   

In a recent interview with the talented entertainer, the Chicago Defender asked the artist, "Is laughter the key to breaking down still existing racial barriers”? Foster answered, “laughter is the key to harmony”. Aaron’s hilarious style reflects stories of his childhood and every other subject possible.


Aarons goal is to push people’s mindsets to think about things in a different light, allowing them to laugh at the hilarity of his conjured situations.

•Aaron is a fun loving person who thrives on interacting with and challenging his audience to laugh at concepts that they may have never previously considered.

•Aaron got his start at All Jokes Aside, as a DJ in the first famous all black comedy club in Chicago, surrounded by world famous comedians such as Cedric the Entertainer, Carlos Mencia, Tommy Davidson, Jaime Foxx, Mike Epps and Dave Chappelle, among many others.

•In 1999 Aaron won the Salem Orb-E Chicago contest, gaining momentum and the opportunity to open for Jill Scott at the Chicago Metro.