Brand New Key

Based in Austin TX

Brand New Key is a woman and trans/queer, alt-bluegrass five-piece band of seasoned musicians from Austin, Texas. In 2020, Brand New Key produced their second full-length album, Hinterlands, released on the Crosspick Records label. The album is a layered, emotionally rich collection of Americana originals with roots in bluegrass, country, and folk. Last year, the City of Austin proclaimed April 9, 2020 as Brand New Key day! The band plays all around central Texas – with home-based folk residencies like Texas Keeper Cidery and Batch Craft Beer  – and entertains a multitude of fans with their danceable bluegrass tunes, textured instrumentals, and self-assured songwriting. Public stages have included: Texas Keeper Cidery, Batch Beer, Meanwhile Brewing Co, The Longtime (sandlot baseball field of dreams), One World Theater, The Cactus Cafe, The Big Box Bar, and more. Brand New Key loves to be hired privately to play house parties, farmers markets, farms, weddings, events, conferences, you name it, they've probably played it! There are obviously very few out-queer performers in the broad Americana sonic space, so Brand New Key wants to be visible, they want to be loud, and they want to make sure they are having as much fun as their fans.