CoverUps - 80s Covers

Based in Laguna beach CA

The CoverUps Band is a musical group based in Laguna Beach, California. Their repertoire consists of classic songs from the 80s, brought to life with a refreshing modern flare while staying true to the music’s original spirit.

The band started with an idea: bringing back the lush, big and melodic sound the great 80s, rocking audiences throughout Southern California! 

The band’s songbook consists of carefully selected tracks spanning the history and excitement of one of the music’s most prolific and influential decades, capturing that unmistakable energy in a very authentic and direct way.

The CoverUps love to treat their audience to a broad 80s-themed setlist, with select hits of the 90s mixed in, and featuring various genres and different approaches, including rock, funk, dance and even hip-hop. 
You can expect them to perform timeless tracks made famous by performers such as The Police, Pretenders, Duran Duran or even Blondie, B-52s and INXS, just to mention but a few. 

The group consists of 6 musicians covering a broad range of sounds and instruments: from massive drum tones to electrifying synth lines, lush harmonies and gigantic guitar riffs…and everything in between. No backing tracks or sequencing: it’s all 100% live music, brought to the audience with the utmost passion and integrity - keeping the spirits of the music intact.

The CoverUps perform regularly in a wide variety of settings, including parties, celebrations, private events and other venues. Their charismatic live act, stunning stage presence, and professional equipment make for a high-quality performance to suit many different environments and situations.

Feel free to get in touch for availability inquiries and let’s bring your event back to the hottest decade of all with an amazing live soundtrack!