Coyote Ridge

Based in Eureka MO

"Coyote Ridge" is a vocally-oriented Acoustic BOSE band covering Classic Southern & Country Rock.  From the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, to Kenny Chesney, to Crosby-Stills-Nash, this group makes your event fun.

Clients can expect attention to detail from:
* song selection/arrangement, 
* to sound, 
* to lighting, 
* to promotion, 
everything is covered.

Song selection/arrangement - Classic Southern, Beach, & Country Rock

From 3-part harmony to harp-oriented favorites, the sound is rich, full, and complete.

Sound - 
Sound is by BOSE. That would normally be "nuff said," but they adhere to the concept of "BOSE, used as designed." Units are placed "back-line" meaning they are placed behind the musicians on stage. There are no wedge monitors, no in-ear monitors; nothing separates what Coyote Ridge hears from the audience experience. This allows assurance of the proper mix at a much lower volume. Coyote Ridge make sure to work together to make the mix right on stage. This arrangement encourages interaction between band and audience. Overall, the process is a holistically better way to produce and witness live music. 

Lighting - 
A state of the art, digitally controlled 18-fixture (LED) lighting system.. The colors are vibrant, rich, and digitally controlled to make sense to the music being performed.

In Conclusion - 
When you're ready to take your event to the next level, you're ready to get an act with the track record of live music performance designed to make your event the best it can be, you're ready for Coyote Ridge.