DJ Kristina Childs

Based in Seattle WA

When I started DJing in 1999, I never in a million years thought I'd end up booking myself out for weddings and corporate holiday parties. DJs at events like weddings, school dances and in-store events were so cheeseball and fake. Club DJs were real. Artistic. Passionate. Not. um. corny. Sometime around 2007 it dawned on me: having a background in clubs and raves would actually be an asset to these sorts of events. Since then, nearly every event I play, someone comes up to me, looks at the turntables and with a shock, says “Wow, you're a REAL DJ!”

Since starting out as a commercial event and wedding DJ, I have had the pleasure of playing a wide variety of events for a very wide clientele. I have provided music for countless weddings and events ranging from the annual Goodwill Glitter Ball to Jimmy Choo, Puma, The City of Seattle and PopCap games.

Music StylesI am able to mix anything, and have played just about everything under the sun: rock, country, reggae, singer/songwriter, disco/funk. I have also played specialty music for international couples getting married, like traditional African, Russian, German and Jewish music. I've played events that are nothing but 50's Motown and others pure rockabilly. If you think it's too obscure, it probably isn't. Just ask!

Gear Capabilities Most events only require a basic setup: two turntables, DJ mixer, wireless microphone(s) & a couple loudspeakers. But in the rare cases where more is needed, I can – and have – accommodated everything up to stadium-sized sound systems. With an education in digital audio engineering, past work at Mackie and a live sound engineer dad, I'm no stranger to sound tech. Whatever your sound needs are, let me know and we can work out the details.