Frank Harlan Comedy Entertainment Programs

Based in Seattle WA

Frank Harlan is the guy you need to talk with before you book the entertainment or team building program for your next event!

As an entertainer, Frank Harlan has more than 20 years of professional experience performing at hundreds of events and collaborating creatively with dozens of agents and event planners throughout the United States.

As a Creative Director, Frank Harlan has the resources, the recognition, and respect from his peers that allow him to collaborate with a variety of talented entertainers, dancers and musicians. This allows him to customize, produce and bring to life any creative entertainment concept a client can possibly dream up.

Whether live in-person or on television Harlan's charming personality is engaging and his intelligent quick wit appeals to audiences of all ages.

Services Include:Customized Entertainment; Comical Characters; Dinner Theater Performances; Corporate Master of Ceremonies; Service Award Programs; Stand-up Comedy; Walkaround Entertainment; Pranks & Practical Jokes; Team Building; Family Entertainment; Grad Parties; and much much more!

Frank and Won's improvisational performance style allows them the freedom to play many roles including Master of Ceremonies. Their mantras are "The world is a stage." and "The show must go on!" They are two of the most versatile and flexible performers seen at open air events and arts festivals because their interactive characters and performances can take place under any circumstances, rain or shine.

Frank Harlan and Won Israel are the "Dynamic Duo of Interactive Comedy Entertainment" are two experienced and extremely talented comedic entertainers who's engaging theatrical performances, presented in an open air event setting, have proven to be a brilliant entertainment idea and a valuable public relations asset that can be easily incorporated into arts festivals, fairs and public events attended by thousands!


inventive comical characters interactive performance styleCreating an unusual “cocktail meet and greet"? Are you looking for a creative way to distribute information to attendees at a conference, trade show, private or public event? Then consider incorporating the interactive performance stylings of the Social Circumstances Comedy Troupe as part of your next production or branding promotion.

Social Circumstances is an extraordinary ensemble of experienced and extremely talented comedic entertainers who incorporate the use of sketch comedy, improvisational theater techniques, make-up and costumes, to perform engaging activity throughout an event, on the stage, in the crowds and amongst your guests.

If you want after dinner entertianment, Frank Harlan and his ensemble of entertainers and musicians can create a custom cast of characters to present a modern day vaudville-style variety show.Social Circumstances is a perfect addition to any corporate function, convention, trade show, private parties, public festival, seasonal, holiday and events with visual specific themes. All programs and performances are customized and created to support each event's unique circumstances, theme and venue.This program may be modified to entertain a Grad Party or young adult audience!

Corporate Pranks, Gags and Practical Jokes

Frank Harlan's unique understanding of how to take an idea or concept; create it, develop it and provide flawless delivery is simply amazing!As an improvisational comedian, Frank has appeared as an Expert /Keynote Speaker, brought in as the new PR Director, hosted a dinner party as a Personal Chef, lead a Team Building program incorporating lunch box leftovers, appeared as Thomas Edison for the Electrician's Union and performed a child's Birthday Party program as a Pirate for a boy turning 50. You dream it up and Frank Harlan will produce and implement it in the mo