HeartBeat Sound Systems (Silent Disco)

Based in Kirkland WA

Heart Beat Sound Systems is a full service audio production company that offers an innovative solution for rising above the constraints of noise ordinances and less-than-welcoming neighbors. Rather than using traditional modes of amplification, we use high-powered transmitters to broadcast to an inter-connected network of wireless headphones. This means that your concert/party/event will only be heard and experienced by those wanting to be involved and neighbors will only hear your HeartBeat.

We are based in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, but our territorial reach is limitless. We can cover all aspects of production – from our qualified team of engineers and staff, to DJs, musicians/producers and visuals (visual jockeys)* as well. 

We offer a variety of services, including headphone rental, staff, vocalists, guitarists, pianists and DJ services. We can include them all as full package or tailor it to your specific needs.

How it works; it's easy. We connect the desired audio to our headphones (Bands, DJs, Playlists, Powerpoint, Movie) to our transmitter and the signal goes out to our specially designed wireless headphones. This allows everyone to hear what they want to hear without the sound bothering anybody that doesn't. The headphones are comfortable, adjustable to all ages, and have personalized volume controls that allow you to dial in the sound to your perfect comfort zone. The best part is, to talk to someone, you just pull off a headphone to have a clear conversation instead of having to yell over loud music.  

The headphones can broadcast up to three channels of sound simultaneously and each channel you select lights up to a correlating color on the headphone. For example, you can run the blue channel with 90's music and have 80's music playing on the red channel. Each listener can then select the channel they wish to hear. Another setup could have a movie or presentation on the blue channel, a rock mix on the green channel, all while having a DJ playing live on the red channel. This gives the participant the option to either hear the words or listen to the variety of music. The possibilities are truly endless!

Aslo, see pictures for the new backpack subwoofer (SubPac)! It is innovative technology that we use in unision with our our HeartBeat headphones to bring extra bass to the silent disco! Please inquire for more information!

**(We do regular DJ events as well and can use your sound system or bring our own!)**

Heartbeat Yard Party
Train Car Silent Disco Time Lapse