Indy Santa

Based in Indianapolis IN

Indy Santa Fred believes that being Santa is much more than putting on a red suit.  He believes in bringing love, joy, compassion, and the magic of Christmas to everyone.

Indy Santa Fred has been given a special gift to be Santa.  He loves being Santa.  You will feel the magic when you meet him.  (And Yes his beard is real.)

Community Citizenship Award

(The Following Is The Speech That Was Given When

Indy Santa Fred was presented with the 2013 Community Citizenship Award.

Indy Santa Fred is recognized as Santa everywhere he goes. With his real Santa beard, he has brought joy and happiness to countless children and organizations for more than 20 years.​Indy Santa Fred has helped with fundraisers for Anna's House, Servant's Heart Pantry, and Kendra's Call for Komfort just to name a few.  He has generated funds for numerous schools, daycares, and churches, many of the donations going to Children's Miracle Network.  ​In his community, Santa Fred would qualify as a good Samaritan. He often visits the elderly in their homes.  He has secretly picked up the tab for families dining in the same restaurant.  He has been seen pushing stalled cars in his Santa suit.  And even without the red suit, he takes the time to stop and smile for a picture when asked.  Santa Fred believes that the Christmas spirit should be spread year round and often donates his time to call bids as an auctioneer at charity auctions.  And when his "regular clients" that visit Indy Santa give him gifts to give others, he makes sure that those gifts get to Riley Children's Hospital.

​For his many years of hard work and dedication, we present the 2013 Community Citizenship award to Indy Santa Fred.  

Mrs. Kat Claus

Mrs. Claus is a former teacher.  She has an interest in sign language.  Mrs. Claus has volunteered at the Indiana School for the Deaf, and The American Society For Deaf Children Convention.  She has taught through The Santa Claus Conservatory other Santas and Mrs. Clauses about the deaf community and using sign language.

Mrs. Claus started out sending video greetings to friends and neighbors.  She sent hello messages, birthday messages, and Easter greetings, to let children know Mrs. Claus thought of them year around.

Mrs. Claus has a special friend Jingles Noel (puppet) that she brings along on Santa visits.   Mrs. Claus enjoys reading stories and sharing a fun time along with Santa Fred.


                                                                                           Education And Training

                                                                    Bachelor  of Santa Claus       The International University of Santa Claus

                                                                    Santa Technical School

                                                                    Hoosier Santa Traning

                                                                    The Santa Claus Conservatory


                                                                    International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas

                                                                    Hoosier Santas

                                                                    Bluegrass Santas