John Curley

Based in Sammamish WA

John Curley

Host [1995-2009], King 5's Evening Magazine Speaker / MC on achievement and creativity. Currently the Morning Host on KIRO FM.

John Curley is the former host of King 5 TV's Evening Magazine, the highest-rated regionally produced TV show in the country. Honored with numerous regional Emmy Awards and the Edward R. Morrow Award for excellence in Journalism, it remains a favorite highlighting the people, places and events that make the Cascadia region so special.

Since its premiere in the summer of 1986, Evening Magazine has provided a window on the Northwest for more than 3,000 "evenings," from coast to coast and around the world. The mere fact that John Curley has a job in TV should be proof enough for anyone that there is indeed a god. John was never what you would call a scholar. He has always declared he would have done much better in school if only the child next to him had applied himself a little more.

What makes him an exceptionally popular speaker is his ability to tell outrageously funny stories about himself and his implausible career moves.

His gift of gab took him from selling bedpans and other glamorous medical devices to the wonderful world of Television. With no formal training John was hired as a weatherman in Grand Junction Colorado. After just six months, he was able to find Colorado on the map without looking. This skill was enough to get him hired in Champaign, Illinois, at WCIA TV.

Curley spent only 88 days there and never learned to spell Illinois. Other stops along the career track include Lancaster, PA; Springfield, VA; and Washington D.C. He picked up an Emmy for weather in 1993 and for interviewing and hosting in 1994. The zenith of his career was reached in 1995 when he was hired for Evening Magazine. John quickly became the most recognized local TV personality and was voted by the readers of Seattle Weekly as their favorite "TV Guy."

He's earned numerous awards for his work in the community and in the field of broadcasting. John is fortune enough to have appeared on stage at the 5th Ave. theatre and unfortunate enough to have appeared in various infomercials. Including the least successful infomercial of all time.

When you meet John, ask him why Julia Roberts hates him, Tom Hanks fears him, and what happened when he met Oprah.

In addition his work on Evening Magazine, nearly every weekday and weekend of the year, John speaks to and emcees large private and public and private events in the Pacific Northwest—including sales conferences, auctions, and galas.

An exceptional fund raising and auctioneer, John has helped Pacific Northwest organizations raise tens of millions of dollars. John's newest program: Stress, Bad Choices and the Brain: An Iron-Clad Formula for Success in Difficult Times

You can either decide that life's going to be tough in these "tough" times-or decide that YOU, and not the world. and not even other people IN the world--decide what kind of life you enjoy.

John Curley, whose Emmy-winning, star-studded, implausible career defies "normal," shares his personal formula for succeeding through difficulty in this high-energy presentation.

Competing in the 2008 IronMan competition in Nice, France, John surpassed his capacity for challenge, pain and credit card limits-and learned about the massive impact of stress and bad choices. Now in this live program, complete with vivid video footage, he candidly shares the key mistakes he made at IronMan. one that nearly cost him his life.

In this Signature keynote, he'll discuss:

What the most cutting-edge science tells us about how stress affects our brains--and what to do about it.
How to stand on the shoulders of giants--in other words, heed the advice of experts-and don't try to be a Lone Ranger
Why the smallest d