Junkyard Jane

Based in Tacoma WA

JUNKYARD JANE was born in a '57 Chevy in the pouring rain. (It was, you see, the Pacific Northwest.) We're not gonna try to convince you that she was the result of either an immaculate conception or a virgin birth (after all, there were several "parents" involved), but the sordid details of her creation don't matter anyway. The point is, JUNKYARD JANE is here!

Winner of the Washington Blues Society's 1999 B.B. Award for "Best New Band," JUNKYARD JANE combines greasy, groovin', nuts & bolts tunes with a big helping of fun to make their live performance "must see" musical gumbo. The band's latest CD, Milkin' the Frog, is a reflection of the diverse musical backgrounds of the band members: Billy Stoops (guitar, vocals), Leanne Trevalyan (vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, washboard, kazoo), Randy Oxford (trombone, slide whistle), Barbra Blue (bass), and Darin Watkins (drums).

JUNKYARD JANE. A feast for all the senses! Are you hungry yet?