Kat Epple flutes

Based in Fort myers FL

As a Solo flautist, Kat Epple's music creates a beautiful, celestial ambiance as the sound of the various flutes seems to waft and float from canyon walls, to the rainforest, to a cool Celtic stream, as she performs on classical flute, bass flute, Native American flute, and various flutes from around the world. The solo flute sound is perfect acoustically, strolling, or with sound amplification, when a soft, elegant background is desired, or as a truly unique sound on the concert stage.

Kat Epple is a Peabody, Edward R Murrow, and Emmy Award-winning composer and flutist, who has released 36 music albums, composes music scores for National Geographic, Nova, Valentino Fashions, and the Travel Channel.

Kat has performed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The United Nations, Guggenheim Museums, and in concerts around the world.

She currently travels the world and collects indigenous flutes and stories, and performs them in concert.