Katica Illényi

Based in South colby WA

Katica Illényi plays the violin, Theremin and also sings and dances.

She has been the featured soloist in many European Symphonies along with many others around the world. Her charming personality is the delight to all audiences.

Being well versed in English, German and Hungarian, her native tongue, she plays Favorite Classic and Jazz standards along with many standards from George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Michael Jackson and John Williams to name just a few.

When an orchestra invites Katica to play a concert, as a soloist, she suggests a program for that concert and will discuss it with the music director or conductor via phone or email. There is a list of over 150 selections to choose from for a program with title, composer, and Katica’s YouTube links will be sent via email

The conductor can watch the videos regarding the tempo and dynamics and could prepare the orchestra to the rehearsal. All arrangements will be sent on PDF format along with the orchestration.

All members of the orchestra can watch the selections via YouTube, which it’s enough preparation for two rehearsals prior to the concert date. DVD’s and CD’s are available for promotion or rehearsal purposes.

On 15 March 2012 the Hungarian government awarded Katica the prestigious Ferenc Liszt is the highest state award in the field of music.

In 2014 she was elected as a member of the Music Division of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

2015. Katica Illényi was awarded the Artist of Merit of the Hungary

As one of the most versatile artists of Hungary, on March 13th, Zoltán Balog Minister of Human Resources and Péter Hoppal Secretary of State for Culture presented Katica with the Artist of Merit of Hungary award.

Katica Illényi’s artistic work after the Liszt award which she received in 2012 is now recognized by the State and was awarded the Artist of Merit of Hungary. They address outstanding artists with this award, who have wonderful artistic values and who have been established in the field of Hungarian national culture, and who already possess an award donated by the minister for culture. Katica Illényi is an outstanding personality in the national music scene.

2016. Music Award for Best Cover Song for ‘Once Upon A Time in the West’ on Theremin by the Academia, Los Angeles.

Her concerts are broadcasted by the state and regional TV channels.

She has been chosen to represent the Hungarian music culture on an international level.

Her positive personality combined with her professional attitude and creativity are allowing classical and jazz music reaching a wide range of audiences.

She plays Theremin, the untouchable instrument. She is one of the very few artists who can play Theremin on stage worldwide.

KATICA _ CSABA ILLÉNYI - Orange Blossom Special
KATICA ILLÉNYI - Schindler's List
KATICA ILLÉNYI - Shaking The Blues Away
Katica Illenyi - Michael Jackson - I just can't stop loving you
KATICA ILLÉNYI - Tango Por una Cabeza
KATICA ILLÉNYI -Fantasy on Porgy and Bess