Marty The Elf - a PEC Holiday Character and Santa's Helper

Based in Puyallup WA

The True Elf brings the magic of Christmas to life. This "little Person" in full elf attire and character will make a believer out of you!


As a little person who has played an Elf for many years, Marty simply brings the spirit of christmas whereever he goes.  When paired with one of our Real Beard Santas, yopu have a pair that will make a believer out of even the biggest skeptic.  

Marty has worked all over the West Coast and US as a little person performers, especially as an elf where he is known on site, year around in his home area of the Pacific Northwest.  He is warm, engageing, hard working and always a pleasure to have at an event where the true Spirit of Christmas is a must and the "Head Elf" from Santa's Northpole workshop can bring a sparkle to eyes and a laugh to the lips of your guests.