Paul Wagner Show

MA - Boston

Paul Wagner is a 5-Time EMMY® Award Winner and has been traveling the world performing and learning. His brash style and over 40 unique stage personas have entertained and educated audiences that include over 500 corporate clients in 10 countries. Paul has has written, produced, taught and performed for millions of people around the world.

Paul is the author of The Field Guide to Human Personalities, The Personality Cards,Pocket People, The ColorfulMe Workbook and The Me App. Paul is also the co-author ofPocket Love: How Love Fits into Life, in partnership with executive coach Tom LaRotonda.

Paul’s workshops, books and apps comprise a thoughtful, colorful look at who we are, and the attributes at play within each of us. Paul spent 26 years following enlightened masters, the exposure to which is finally starting to sink in. Paul’s intuitive personality readings are fun, tough and transformative.

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Paul is also the CEO of CreativeLab.TV, a web and mobile tech-entertainment company based in Boulder CO. Clients include Aetna Insurance, Reebok, IBM, Google, AT&T and many startups. He has raised over $4M for ventures, including a deal that launched the global phenomenon Will Ferrell’s on iTunes. Paul’s partners and mentors include Fred Silverman (the only exec to run all 3 major networks) and Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, along with a myriad of luminaries around the world.

Paul is a personal, start-up & business coach leading individuals and groups to greater success, transparency and awareness. He also is a personal coach, helping people navigate through their struggles and come to terms with and meet their true self.