Santa Chuck

Based in Laurel MARYLAND

Santa  Chuck will arrive promptly in an authentic plush costume of extremely high quality. His wide belt and boots are upgraded leather accessories. To the jingling of Santa's bells, he will make his grand entrance with a jolly  "Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas!" and greet all of the children with warm ding on  the type of event, the time allotted, and the number of participants, he will work with you in advance to plan optional activities designed to enhance the experience. From reading a favorite classic holiday story to a Christmas Sing-Along, let's chat about the possibilities.  Santa will give individual attention to each child or adult, talk with them about their naughty or nice status, and listen to their Christmas wishes. One of Santa's favorite activities is to pass out gifts (that you purchase, gift wrap, and pre-label by name). Santa Chuck also likes to give out Candy Canes or other small gifts.

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