Santa Fred Baker

Based in Monrovia CA

    Santa Fred  is a member of FORBS,  have a Government background check and personal liability insurance.   I do not charge you for traveling expenses; provided that your gig is within18 miles of Monrovia.  Hire this Santa, who has worked at Worldwide Photo Promotion Inc., at malls at less 5 years. Having over 800 children on my lap per week. Compared to the average Santa, who sees less than 900 children a season. I'm not saying, I'm better, I am saying, I have more experience. I contracted to play the role of Santa Claus. Helping children up and down from my lap, create smiles for photographers, bringing spirited and joyful smiles for the cameras, entertaining every guest with a joy and warm traditional presence, Santa agree to use my own initiative and judgment. Now my duties: whenever possible, to expedite the process of visiting, posing for photographers and moving into the next interview with the next guest. Keep a kind and gentle manner consistent with the role of Santa Claus whenever in view. Speaking to each child, listening to wish list, offer information if asked about Santa's historical and stories of Santa Claus. Give hugs and let each child know that they are the most important person in Santa's life.  Santa Fred also has a 2 1/2 ft.x 4 ft.  Gift Bag, is approximately, 18 gallon toy bag. As part of my gig, Santa can hand out gifts to the children. All Santa ask, is that you supply their gifts.   God Bless you, and may we always have the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts. With a twinkle in the eye, I remain yours sincerely,  Santa Fred of Monrovia!