Santa of the Magic Valley

Based in Camden TN - Tennessee

Santa of the Magic Valley would be honored and proud to bring the belief of Santa Claus to your home for an evening of merriment and to help you spread holiday cheer.  He would also enjoy being invited to your holiday event that your town or corporation would like to get together.  What is a holiday parade without Ol' St. Nick around?  Santa loves to light up Christmas Trees!  Holiday parties at home or work?  How about inviting Santa to a birthday party?  Milk and Cookie Party?  Santa really loves those.  Don't forget Breakfast with Santa!  There are endless possibilities to invite and welcome Santa Claus in your life to begin to believe again!​

Santa would like to let the professional or even amateur photographers and filmmakers know that he would be delighted to take some time off of his busy schedule if they would need him to make an appearance in one of their photo-shoots or commercials or any other special project they may need his appearance. ​

Santa would love to express to all of God's Children the real reason of the Season is not him, but for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.