Son de Cuba

Based in Portland OR

Son de Cuba is a quintet created by musicians from Cuba, USA and Chile. We play different kinds of genres such as Salsa, Timba, Son, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Latin Jazz, etc. The band consists of vocals, piano and bass piano player, Nelson Morales; lead vocals, Fredy Vilches ; drummer, Jackson Coffee; sax, flute and vocals, Adrian Baxter; and percussionist and vocals, Tony Glez. We are based in Portland, Oregon.

Since two members of the band are Cubans, we have roots in latin, african, and jazz rhythms. We blend this vast knowledge of different beats together in classic and modern latin songs, exuding energy, happiness, and encouraging you to dance. With only four performers, we have a full sound and will draw a crowd with our energy and love for our music. Dancing is encouraged, we may even join you!

Our band has the necessary equipment for our gigs. Our band is made up of four musicians and their instruments: a piano, three conga drums, a set of four timbales drums, a flute, a saxophone, and a cowbell. We don't need a large stage: we can fit on a 15''x15' space. We have speakers, microphones and stands, all wires we need, and we bring our own instruments, we just need the necessary outlets and at least 8' of head space for the speakers.

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