9 of Hearts Dance Band

Based in Fairfield ct

9 of Hearts Dance Band is a refined ensemble comprising nine exceptional musicians who collectively orchestrate a symphony of sound to elevate your musical experience. This dynamic group features three lead vocalists—two enchanting female voices and one charismatic male vocalist—accompanied by the melodic fusion of trumpet, saxophone, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. For an added layer of musical brilliance, we offer the option to perform with two lead vocalists and the choice of either an additional trumpet or a percussionist, ensuring a customizable and versatile musical ambiance.

Our repertoire spans the decades, offering a delightful journey through the golden hits of the 60s, the soulful R&B and Motown classics of the 70s and 80s, to the contemporary sounds of today's chart-toppers like Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars. At the intersection of nostalgia and modernity, the 9 of Hearts Dance Band seamlessly bridges the musical gaps, catering to a diverse audience with a taste for the timeless and the current.

In the autumn of 2018, the 9 of Hearts Dance Band burst onto the music scene with unparalleled energy and quickly solidified its reputation as the premier dance band in Fairfield County. Garnering acclaim for their tight, funky performances, this ensemble of fantastic musicians and singers effortlessly translates their passion for music into an unforgettable experience for audiences.

Described as "tight, funky, and a great dance band," the 9 of Hearts Dance Band is celebrated not only for its musical prowess but also for the palpable joy that emanates from the stage. With each note and every lyric, it's evident that these talented musicians find immense pleasure in the art of performance.

Listeners have attested to the band's awesomeness, praising the captivating blend of great music and the exceptional talent of both singers and musicians. The 9 of Hearts Dance Band takes pride in creating an atmosphere where enjoyment is paramount, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who revel in their musical mastery.

For an extraordinary musical experience tailored to your event, consider the 9 of Hearts Dance Band—a testament to the enduring allure of live music presented with a conservative yet electrifying style. Book our ensemble, and let the seamless fusion of genres and decades transform your gathering into a celebration of timeless melodies and contemporary rhythms.

"Just saw them for the first time at Art to the Avenue in Greenwich, they played a great version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘signed, sealed, delivered ‘, fun and funky all rolled into one!"

Ain't to Proud To Beg
Higher Ground

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
6 Piece Band Package
Price: $3,250.00
Number of Performers: 6
Duration: 4 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $800.00

All Inclusive with 2 vocalists, along with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards for a full rich sound!