I Am Looking For Entertainment

There is no cost or registration needed to browse and explore great entertainment options for your event. Simply search for any style, genre or even the name of a band or act that you like in the easy search box and find your talent from among thousands of choices that will best match your needs. Want to see more choices? Just scroll down and they’ll keep coming up! Read a quick description, or click on any act and get the full listing including pictures, sound clips and videos. For any act you are interested in all you do is choose the email button or fill out the convenient online form and let us know the date, location and what kind of event you are planning so we can get to work confirming price and availability for you. Don’t worry, there is no obligation until you are ready to move forward with booking. Your event is personal and special, so, while the GigRoster™ web site is especially easy to use on line, real humans will be helping you by availability as well as answering any questions as you decide which act is best. Our people, with years of real life event experience, are here to help, but there is no fee for using GigRoster™ except fee set by the act if you hire them. No need to register or create an account. You can just get started having fun choosing your perfect entertainment!

I Am a Professional Performing Act or Entertainer

There is never a cost to you for listing yourself for booking with a premium listing on the Professional Entertainment™ GigRoster™ site. We encourage you to include as much great promotional material,sound clips, pictures, videos and a complete description of the services you provide so you can help potential clients see the benefits of hiring your act. Don’t worry, we won’t be contacting you to sell you an upgraded package. You can sign up with the full premium package, for free, period. Remember, of course, you will get a great deal more interest from clients with the best available promo options. Don’t worry, you can update your information and media as often as you’d like and behind all of the great tools on the web site, we are real humans, here to help make it successful for everyone!

What happens when a client is interested in hiring your performing act?

When clients are interested in getting more information about your act or inquiring about price and availability, one of the talent consultants from Professional Entertainment™ & GigRoster™ will contact you, usually by e mail, with all the specifics of the requested performance(s) so you can let us know your price and availability for that particular performance. Get back to us right away, even if you can’t do the event, because real people who are hiring entertainment would like to get answers as soon as possible so they can make a booking decision. Remember, all request go through, and are vetted by, our professional talent buyers. Clients do not contact you directly through the GigRoster system and we never give out your contact information on the web site or to clients until after they’ve moved ahead to confirm the booking.

What is the registration process for entertainers?

We’ve tried to make it pretty easy! If you’ve never registered before with your email account (which will be your unique username), simply go to the registration page, https://www.gigroster.com/acts/sign_up :

  1. Enter your email and create a password that you’d like so you can access your account and update your listings in the future
  2. Press the continue button and then go check your email where you will find a link. This allows you to confirm it is your email, which you have access to and nobody can list your act without your permission. Click on the link in the email (check your junk mail box in case you don’t see it), or if you lost it, just click on https://www.gigroster.com/acts/confirmation/new to resend the confirmation instructions.
  3. Just follow the instruction on the page the link takes you to and finish setting up your free account so you can add one or more listings for your performing act(s).

Getting an error when you try to register? You may have registered previously with that email account. If that is the case, just follow the instructions below to reset your password so you can get into your account and continue.

I have a performer account but I cannot log in or lost my password. What do I do?

If you have previously registered, the system will not let you register again. Your username is the email that you used to register so if you have an email that you use for all of your business and performing, most likely that is the user name. If you lost or forgot your password that’s no problem. You can reset it and access your listing(s) very easily.

  1. Go to https://www.gigroster.com/acts/password/new (or click the link Get A New Password on the sign in page.)
  2. Enter your the email address/username that is associated with your account.
  3. Go to your email and open the email from GigRoster where you will find a link. Simply click the link and create a new password and keep it for the next time. You are ready to access your account!

Not sure if you registered or not?

Simply enter your email at https://www.gigroster.com/acts/password/new (or click the link Get A New Password) and press enter. If you’ve not registered before the system will give you a message that the Email was not found. You can go ahead and begin a new registration unless you think you’ve registered under a different email, which you can also try.

How can I upload media for my listing?

As most any performer knows these days, having a good online presentation is just as important as having a good performance when it comes to attracting clients and booking more gigs. On Gigroster, you are able to upload images, audio clips, and video, all of which will greatly improve your chances of attracting potential clients. After all, why would someone be interested in booking a band if they don’t know what they sound like? Uploading media is easy, and can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. After you are signed into Gigroster, select the listing you want to add to, making sure to click the 'Edit' icon. Once you are in the editing page, select 'Media' from the tabs near the top of the page.
  2. From here you can select either 'Add Image', 'Add Audio', or 'Add Video', all of which are blue clickable icons. Click the icon that corresponds to what kind of media you want to add.
  3. Once you have selected what kind of media you are trying to add, click the green 'Click to Add Files' button. This will open a file browser, where you can select the files in your computer that you would like to upload onto your listing. Click 'Open' in the browser window when you are finished. Finally, press the blue 'Start All' icon and your media will be loaded onto your profile.

That’s it! Your media is now loaded onto your listing and is viewable to anyone online.

Tip: If you would like to re-order your images, they can be easily dragged into whichever order you like from the 'Media' tab, but make sure to click the blue 'Save (images, audio, video) Order' button, else your changes will not be saved!

I am having trouble uploading my media

So you went through the upload process, when when you click 'Start All, you get an error message about invalid file type? This means that you tried to upload a kind of file that is not supported on the Gigroster website. Currently, the supported file types are;

If the file(s) you are trying to upload are not these kinds, fret not! Altering file type is very simple, and most computers should have programs already installed that can edit these properties (Paint, Photoshop, Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.), which is generally done when executing the ‘Save as’ function. There are also a number of free online services where you can edit your files.

As a last resort, you always have the option to send in your files to us for editing/uploading. We ask that you try yourself first, but at the end of the day we want to make sure your listing looks as great as possible. Just send the files you need uploaded to info@gigroster.com and we’ll try to handle it as soon as we can.

Why does our act need to choose a “home” location? We can perform nationwide.

We require a home location for all of the acts in the system so that we know where you are based and what would be considered a “local” gig for you. Listing your home location does not however limit where your act is able to perform, nor does it stop or even affect the search results when a client does a nationwide search for talent. If we had a designation of "nationwide" available for the act's home area, the listing would in fact come up in no searches since the algorithm will return bands in the area where a client searches. Conversely we do allow clients to search for an act nationwide if they are looking for a band which can perform anywhere, so your search results will come up with those search terms. Choosing your home location does not preclude, or even have an effect on you from coming up in any nationwide search by an client searching for a band that can travel as long as the band fits their other search criteria. The search engine in GigRoster is a sophisticated system that takes all factors a client is searching for into account. It would not be appropriate of course for a person looking for a local act to be given results from hundreds of acts which are not near the market where they will be looking. Clients that are purposely widening their search to nationwide though, will find your act easily unless it does not match the other stylistic requirements they have. All acts are by default available nationwide since, of course, most of the acts in the system can perform in any market, given the right compensation!

I’ve listed one or more acts. Do I need to do anything more?

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