Acme Dynamite

Based in Freeport NY


Acme Dynamite, The Most Powerful Band on Long Island, performs your favorite classic hard rock and old school heavy metal from the 70s and 80s.
   Formed in 2014 by long time friends, the band is fronted by singer Heather Dawson "The Little Girl with the Big Voice". Sonic architect, Robert Scott Conroy provides guitars and bassist Marie "The Tornado" Tornetto and drummer Marc Del Cielo bring the thunder with their tight knit rhythms.
   Performing the music of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, The Who, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie and Deep Purple (to name a few), Acme Dynamite have made a name for themselves as a strong, unique voice on the scene with their keen musical ability and high ebergy performance.


   "Just wait until you experience this band with their newest member, Marie (The Tornado) Tornetto on bass. She earned that name for good reason. Possibly one of long island's most promising up and coming bassists, Marie delivers her own style of pulse pounding bass support that you would expect from this heavy duty rock act. No Marie is not just another pretty face! As if the stunning beauty and talent of Heather Dawson wasn't enough, we now have two bad ass rock vixens who along with screaming guitarist Robert Scott Conroy and drummer Marc Del Cielo prove that Acme Dynamite is indeed New York's most powerful band!"

  - Brian Cohen


   "Sorry they are not an act. They are a drop your crayons, put on your helmet, trays in an upright position, put on your damn seatbelt, call your next of kin, set a doctor's appointment for after the show, portable defibrillator on site, depends wearing, did I get smarter or have I just lost brain cells, 5 sense seduction, everything but the kitchen sink, help I need an adult, I don't care if it's 10 o'clock screw my kids, I can't feel my face mind f##k ! I could be wrong but I highly doubt that. Oh, they are a handsome bunch."

   - Stephen Barth