The Amazing Ziggy

Based in Griffin GA

I am The Amazing Ziggy; for over 2 decades I have captivated audiences all across the US with comedy magic, stage illusions, fire performing, stilt walking, DJ services, circus acts, balloon sculptures, caricatures, and more!

Roaming Close-up Magic

This Type performance is Great for Company Picnics, Holiday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Mingling Party Atmospheres, Restaurants, Fairs & Festivals. Ziggy will roam the event offering short performances for small groups that will be the highlight of your event as all your guests are talking about how amazed they were by what Ziggy is able to do.

Comedy Magic Show

This show is great for Celebrations, Birthday Magician, Daycare Magician, Nursing Home/Assisted Living Magician, etc. A show with tons of audience participation that will have your guest laughing from start to finish.

Bubble Magic Show

A very unique show unlike any thing you have seen before as Ziggy uses bubbles while performing Magic for an incredible twist. The show must be indoors only as wind causes too many issues with the performance.

Circus Sideshow Magic Show

The style of performance is great for Fairs and Festivals. Your guest will be amazed with Ziggy's mystifying performance that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.  Just like you'd expect to see at a Vaudeville-Style Circus Side Show. This show includes dangerous acts performing with Fire Eating, Sword Swallowing, Illusions with sharp objects, and other incredible feats on strength, endurance, and magical talents.

Exotic Animals Magic Show

A show that will leave a serious impression on your guests that they will not soon forget.  This performance is best kept a secret to the audience so they don't know what to expect as Ziggy performs Illusions that suddenly have them in shock as Exotic Animals appear from thin air and then are transformed from one type of animals to another in the blink of an eye.

Parlor Style Close-Up Magic and Mentalism Show

Ziggy amazes his audience with an intimate performance that showcases decades of practice with sleight of hand, and getting inside people thoughts in ways you could never begin to imagine.  This show is very interactive as the magic sinks into audience realizing that the magic happens in the spectators' hands not the magicians.  Thus, they begin react to the impossible becoming possible without any explanation. 

Science Theme Magic Show

What a great combination mixing Science with Magic! Ziggy's very creative show allows for so many opportunities to learn and about science while the question is this Science? or Is that Magic? Maybe it's both! There's bubbling concoctions, explosions, seemingly impossibilities, chemical reactions, chain reactions, and more!

Trade Show Magic Performance

Ziggy can even incorporate your catch phrase as the Magic Words! Customizing the performance with tailored precision around your sales pitch, and also incorporating your product/service into the act while still entertaining and captivating the audience.

Pirate Theme Magic Show

Cpt. Ziggy is ready to entertain your guests. This show includes a real live Parrot, and lots of pirate fun. Great for Pirate & Princess Theme Parties where all your guests are encouraged to dress up. Ad On a Scavenger Hunt for even more fun after the show. Includes a real Treasure Chest filled with Pirate Goodie Bags.


  • Ziggy's Custom Learn Magic Kits 
  • Juggling
  • Balloon Art
  • DJ Services
  • Stilt Walking
  • Face Painting
  • Caricature Art
  • Fire Performance