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Based in Denver Colorado

For outdoor events, we offer the 14 foot tall, solar powered, BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® !  

BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy®

is a solar powered, 14 foot tall, four legged pyramid that produces clouds of bubbles up to the size of bushel baskets.  The kids chase, capture and share the bubbles, and the adults go nuts watching the kids!  When no one is looking, the teens chase the bubbles too!


Completely run by the power of the sun making it easy to site on your fair grounds. (No generator needed or power cord needed!) Has battery back up for cloudy weather and nighttime operation.


 Being Solar Powered, with a battery backup, it is quiet, and peaceful with no noisy generator.  Children of all ages are captivated by the endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and movement of  the bubbles.   The SPBT produces clouds of   singular bubbles the size of ping pong balls, as well as  bubble clusters as large as bushel baskets!    The Bubble Tower marks a singular place where children and adults are free to be child like.


Bubbles take many different forms. And how we react to bubbles ranges from peaceful contemplation to gleeful chasing! Bubbles are a rainbow of color and metaphor. Let bubbles bloom, drift with the breeze and pop into infinity. Let bubbles surround your worries and take them away! Book the solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture for your Fair or Festival today!


The mission of the solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture is to  engage your guests in a unique and memorable fashion, both as participants and spectators.  To engage a universal demographic, with a full spectrum emotional experience, while demonstrating the power and utility of solar and wind power.


To offer this experience to as wide a range of outdoor venues as possible, in an affordable manner, while offering experiential marketing and branding opportunities.


Create a powerful and long lasting emotional connection:

No waiting in lines, no ticket entry, but unlimited hours of fun. The Bubble Tower allows your sponsors  to be featured at the event, and is visible from across the  festival grounds.


 The four legs of the BubbleYou®  Bubble Tower sculpture can be dressed in one of many different themes/designs including tie dye, cow print, rainbow, and Americana r/w/b.

Ask about custom leg fittings to celebrate your event theme or to highlight your sponsor's logo or message

Coleman Bubbles redo 10-27-2019
Iowa Fair Convention video still photos 2019
Winter Wonderland - The Dancing Christmas Tree