Bob De Dea and Schrodinger's Cats

Based in Seattle WA

For most of my adult life, I've made a living as a professional performer. I've also written and produced plays and musicals that have been performed across the country. For the past 25+ years, I've also been the tenor/arranger for the a cappella vocal group Kitchen Sync.

But these days I'm composing and singing and playing my way from coast to coast.

As a professional singer-songwriter, I've performed as a solo artist in homes and public spaces from New York to Philly to Tampa to Sedona, Seattle, and L.A. -- and places in between.

I write in a variety of styles, from rock to pop to jazz to musical theatre to folk to country. Most of my music tells stories -- some celebratory, some tragic some silly, some sublime. I've got about three hours of material to please any crowd, large or small. So if you're interested in hosting me in your house or venue, contact me!

And now I've got a band, too! Schrödinger's Cats consists of a drummer, a bass player, a cellist, a female vocalist, and keyboards and vocals by yours truly. We have performed at High Dive in Fremont, The Den in Bothell, and are available for private or public gigs.