Bodine Brothers Band

Based in Monrovia MD

From the green rolling hills of Frederick County, Maryland, come the one and only, the original, accept no substitute, The Bodine Brothers Band. The Bodine boys cover a wide swath of country music to please many folks: from a smidgen of classic (60-70's) country tunes to the latest country dance hits. In addition, the Bodine Brothers Band perform a few old time rock'n'roll numbers from the 50's, 60's and 70's. And to top it off, the Bodines are now cranking out original songs in each show.

The Bodine boys hail from all over but reside in FredNeck! It started a long time ago, when Mama was a runnin' around. She's a real looker and her escapades with wild men brought us all together! The band consist of Doc Bodine on #2 Guitars, Mississippi Saxaphone, and Throat, Ziggy Bodine on Drums and Throat, Bucky Bodine on Bass and Throat, Harley Bodine on Lead Throat and Washboard, and Pappy Bodine on Keyboards and Throat. First, Doc came about when mama was hanging around Harvard and hooked up with a medical school dropout. Afterwards, Mama cruised down to the islands and met a big tall native man and that's how we got Ziggy. Mama, being the redneck she was, found a big ol' West Virginia coal miner and that brought us the big man, Bucky. Mama's love for the tabloids had her traveling with the Paparazzi and called her next one, well you guessed it, Pappy! Finally, Mama would always ride those Harley's but never on the back! She had her own Sportster and after a long bike week in Daytona, well, we got Harley! Come on out and hear the boys play their super high energized country twangin rockin sound. Check your local papers, your favorite watering hole, and this website but remember, Watch out for Mama Kin!!!

So if you're near the Frederick, MD area, you gotta check out the Bodine Brothers, Frederick's premier country music band. They'll take you on a wild ride without ever leaving the dance floor. Of course, if you just want to sit, drink and watch the action, that's all right too! The main thing is to have a lot of Supertwangin' Fun .

The Bodine Brothers and Flatfoot Sam