Brad Byers

Based in Pullman WA

WORLD RENOWNED America’s Got Talent sword swallower and 73 time world record holder Brad Byers was honored with the Life Time Achievement Award for his contributions in the world record field and named Extraordinary Performer of the Year. Ripley's Believe It or Not museums throughout the world have played videos of his act. Brad has been featured on countless TV shows and venues including AGT, the Late Late Show with James Corden, Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey in 25 countries. He is the only sword swallower to be featured on an official postage stamp. Brad has been described as the best living sword swallower today specifically, "Brad Byers from America is one of the most talented record holders in the world​ - Records Holders Republic," and  "Brad Byers you never fail to blow our minds - Mark Thompson, host, Guinness World Records PrimeTime."

The Amazing World of Brad Byers includes a choice of 3 different and unique shows that can be customized for any venue:

1. EXTREME SIDE SHOW:  Brad's signature act of SWORD SWALLOWING (e.g. most swords swallowed and twisted world record, truck axle, curved sword, stove poker, coat hanger, key hole saw, and more), HUMAN TOOLBOX (e.g. world record drilling into the head with an electric power drill, swinging large anchor from 18-inch hook in head, and more), WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS act (e.g. walking, jumping, piggy back ride, face in glass with assistant standing on head), BED OF NAILS act (e.g. yoga bow pose, iron maiden, up to 18 people sitting on top), and much more!

2. CIRCUS ACTS:  juggling (e.g. bowling ball, machetes, stun baton, wine bottles, china plates), chin balancing (e.g. bicycle, step-ladder, running lawnmower), unicycles, finger spinning (includes suitcase, card table, metal chair, suitcase).

3. “WORLD OF YO” -  SKILL TOYS: Grandmaster yo-yo artistry (over 300 different yo-yo tricks), spinning throwing tops, hula hooping with a straight jacket escape!

Sword Swallower Brad Byers Swallows a Car Axle! KLEW News -WORLD RECORD [360p]
America's Got Talent 2013 Brad Byers SWORD SWALLOWING_ 9 SWORDS WITH A TWIST! [360p]
Sword Swallower Brad Byers_ 150th Anniversary Oregon St Fair 2015 [360p]
America's Got Talent- RUN OVER ON A BED OF NAILS! Live at Radio City Music Hall. WORLD RECORD!!! [360p]