Bravo String Quartet

Based in Glendale, CA

String Quartet, Trio, Duo, Solo Violin

Bravo String Quartet is a Los Angeles based professional group comprised of high-qualified musicians that bring atmosphere and sparkle to any special occasion. Our goal is to satisfy your entertainment needs with a riveting musical experience! With an extensive repertoire of music, our group is experienced not only in the performance of classical music of the great masters, but also contemporary and popular music.

Although we specialize in weddings, since its founding, Bravo String Quartet has also performed at numerous evening concerts, corporate functions, receptions and cocktail parties. With a multitude of ensembles ranging from duos to quartets to full chamber orchestras, Bravo musicians are a perfect choice for any occasion. We provide a wide range of musical genres in performance, including popular classics, ragtime, easy listening, folk and pop. We also provide exceptional collection of music from different cultures and ethnicities.

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task; one is pressured of the thought of making everything perfect for each attending guest a task hard to accomplish. This is especially true when it comes to music. We were pressured even more since we had a double wedding (me and my sister were getting married the same day) with a diverse mixture of guests. 60 out of 300 of our guests were from different cultures (from our workplaces) and religions. We were going to have a Christian wedding and it was challenging to meet everyone's expectations. There are languages that are widely spoken and understood among many cultures of the world: English and Spanish are such languages. In musical world classical music is such an instrument - it crosses the cultural barriers. It is very elegant and is always in style. We are glad for the divine providence that brought us to Bravo Strings quartet. They were easy to talk to, their service was fairly priced, and they were willing to go the extra mile to make the wedding special. In addition to classical music we wanted some of our Christian hymns to be rendered by the strings quartet as well. Bravo Strings told us that it is possible as long as we provide the sheet music. We provided them with sheet music pieces written for one instrument realizing that it was not arranged for a string quartet and did not expect the music to sound very rich. During the wedding I heard them playing those hymns and was pleasantly surprised it actually sounded rich because each of the instruments was playing a different set of notes. It sounded like they arranged the single instrument music for their strings quartet on-the-fly. Many people were fascinated by the music and we got a lot of questions about the quartet from our guests during and after the wedding. I personally felt obligated to call and thank Bravo Strings after our honeymoon for their professionalism and for the wonderful moments they contributed to the wedding reception. Vahagn

Thank you so much for a fantastic performance. Your music truly added to our special day, and really added to the drama and importance of the moment. We appreciate your efforts very much and wish you all the best! Amir and Melissa

Dear Ripsi, thank you very much. The music you provided for my wedding was amazing! Thanks again. I am putting a wedding announcement about your Quartet in the paper here in Redlands and know that your Quartet members are also members of the symphony. I have written several articles for the Facts previewing Redlands Symphony Orchestra performances. In the announcement, I will mention Bravo String Quartet. Thank you very much. Your company is the best. Thanks again!!! Michelle Ramos

Thank you very much for the wonderful music you provided at our wedding. You sounded amazing and everyone complimented us on our choice of musicians. We will definitely pass your name along whenever possible. Angela and Mark

Dear Bravo String Quartet, we want to thank