Brittany Walsh A Well Balanced Performer.

Based in Portland OR

Brittany Walsh (a.k.a. AcroBritt) is an internationally renowned acrobat. She grew up competing in gymnastics and now travels the world entertaining audiences with her circus skills. Brittany is skilled in tumbling, stilt walking, contortion and partner acrobatics, but primarily works as a solo hand balancing artist. Her act consists of one arm balances and contortion elements, and includes an unforgettable finale stunt in which she shoots an arrow from a compound bow held in her feet while upside down in a contorted handstand position. She holds the world record for distance in this trick and is also the only known individual to have performed this move blindfolded. Brittany has made national television appearances, and was featured on The Late Show with David Letterman. The New York Times deems her act as "beautiful, exciting, and fun."