Bruce Guynn and Big Rain

Based in Aptos CA

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain has worked with some of the most successful producers while sharing the stage with the biggest names in music. The music and the band have received tremendous support because of how it connects with people on so many levels. Two songs have reached number one, and seven have landed in the top ten, and top thirty on music, and radio charts worldwide. While receiving Industry Honors as Vocal Group of the Year, and Crossover Artist of the Year, tours have taken them to five continents.

They bring an uplifting sound and feel that will have you humming, smiling, and dancing. They have pioneered a sound that has become known as "The Redwood Coast Sound". Uplifting Soulful Rock Country Rock Blues. This evolution started in the mid 90's, but with the collaboration with iconic Producer Ray Ruff they released an album on Oak Records that went worldwide receiving critical acclaim on Indie and mainstream music charts. What is most interesting is the songs are played on a variety of music and radio formats. Current releases have followed suit and a new album is in the works. The band is Ken Margolis, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals. Mike Pupo, Drums. Jim Spangler, Guitars, and Bruce Guynn, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards.

Iconic Producers Ray Ruff said, “Bruce Guynn & Big Rain are wonderful songwriters, and superb singers, and I haven’t worked with a band this talented for many years.” Ray Ruff worked with the Everly Brothers, Doobie Brothers, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, and so many others during his fifty year carere).

Bruce has also worked with several other very successful producers. Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper who produced almost the entire catalog of Three Dog Night, and Steppenwolf, while working with others like Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, and Poco to name only a few. Famous Producer Richie Podolar said. "I haven't heard songs as memorable and inspiring coming out of the studio in a long time. People just don't walk in here with material like this. After hearing what they were doing I had to go in and let them know I would love to play on the Album”. Richie who played Guitar on many hit songs was featured on Mandolin on some Big Rain’s songs.

The Sacramento Bee says that “after seeing Big Rain perform, you'll be humming its tunes for the rest of the day.”

"The guys offer sharp and refined harmony and keen tempered instrumentation. A bonus comes with Guynn’s songwriting. The band has already collared several envied placements on independent Charts. From the moment the laser centered on 'Sweet Inspiration', my curiosity enjoyed further reward. Not only is the hype right on the dollar, but it’s a scripted nod to the talent here."-George Peden (Stars Online)

"The California sound going clear back to rock, and to neo-bluegrass bands of the very early 60's is that high-register set of stringed instruments and vocal harmonies that has given new life with each generation. Big Rain is making it fresh and bright once again. It is just a delight to run it by your ear with it's classic airy sweetness. It sounds like it's wafting up from some canyon. The Everly Brothers would be proud of this updated sound".- Barney Quick - Indie Music Magazine - IndieMusic.Com

“This is a great sounding band!” -James Pearson, (BBC Radio)

Message From Bruce

Over the years the band and I have performed here at home, throughout California, the USA, and worldwide. Tours have taken us to five continents, including music festivals in China, Asia, Australia, Europe, and to our Military Veterans here at home, in Kuwait, Iraq, and the American Embassy in Cairo Egypt.

We feel fortunate to receive consistent airplay worldwide, and to have reached the top of various music and radio charts. Along the way we have been humbled with industry honors when selected as "Vocal Group of the Year", and "Crossover Artists of the Year".

We perform a variety of music that is easy to dance, and listen to. Along with our popular songs we play and cover a myriad of well known artists from the last five decades.

After writing and releasing five albums it is gratifying that the music and I are on radio worldwide. I feel blessed  that two songs have made it to number one, and that seven songs have gone into the top ten, and top thirty in the USA, and the International Radio and Music Charts.

"Bringing people together through music is our mission. By bringing people together with music we can make the day a little better for everone".

We thank you for your time and interest. We will work with you on every music, and entertainment aspect to make your event memorable and successful. We guarantee a top notch and uplifting entertainment experience for all.


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Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

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