Casual Encounters Karaoke

Based in Los angeles CA

"I always wanted to sing with a real rock band -- you guys made my dream come true!" 

That's what Teri raved after she sang "Proud Mary" with us the other night, and it's a sentiment we hear all the time. Live band karaoke is way more fun than regular karaoke, and we specialize in making every singer feel like a rock star. 

We've brought live band karaoke to parties for Converse, TMZ, NBC's The Voice, Wells Fargo, The Hard Rock Cafe, CigmaNet, Dogeared Jewelry, FantaSea Yachts, and The LA Zoo, not to mention dozens of weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, TV show wrap parties, and any other kind of party you can think of. 

We have a huge song list with something for everyone, and we can often learn new songs especially for your party. If your guests don't want to sing right away, we can perform as an awesome cover band. We have a great sound system, and a karaoke teleprompter so you can read the song lyrics off a TV screen. 

Bring Casual Encounters Karaoke to your party -- we make rock and roll dreams come true!