Cheryl Maria

Based in Kendall West FL

Hi, I’m Cheryl Maria, an acoustic singer, playing pop, indie, rock, blues, and soul hits with my Acoustic Taylor GS Mini.

I sing & play top 40 covers from the Bob Dylan to Billie Eilish. My favorite artists to cover are Norah Jones, Adele, Ed Sheeran and  I love all the queens of rock, pop and soul. Some compare me to Taylor Swift (minus the billionaire status… One step at a time, right?)

I’d love to play at your event! I’m great at setting the mood, getting audiences grooving and singing along to timeless anthems, tapping feet or clapping hands. Heck, you might even get up and dance.

My solo act is perfect for a wedding reception, lounge or bar, and I’ve had a great time entertaining audiences from 10 to 1000 (I’m working towards even bigger ones.. as well as billionaire status ;-))

Lounge & Bar reel
Hallelujah Torshavn - Cheryl Maria,