Based in The dalles OR

As the music scene has changed over the years,so has DJing amatuers think that because they make spotify playlists,they should be dj-s and you should play their favorite song right away,this has ruined small town club nights because those familiar regulars get butthurt when you don't throw your set out the window for their silly whims,that being said,I enjoy the access the internet has given us to almost any song in the current musicl lexicon,tethering to my phone in wifi devoid areas has opened new doors. I work in the mid-columbia river gorge area. I have a small light show and 3000 watt PA,for smaller venues I cut it down to a 1200 watt pa.I come prepared to hook up to almost any kind of device my priority is a safe setup and area for your guests,and then sound quality and then aethetics.I run two laptops off a 5 channel mixer using Traktor and Virtual DJ,a dual deck mini file browser as backup and a DVD/CD player in my van if needed for offline media.I bring everything I need to rock a party and All I ask for is a clean 15 amp circuit within 50'.
I do mostly weddings,dances and parties,but have experience in nightclubs,comedy clubs,streefests,motorsports,outdoor sporting events and MMA.I work alone and setup and tear down everything myself.I feel I'm pretty flexible and can make an event seem seamless to the audience even when there's delays or snafus.
I interact professionally with clientele and guests,I'm not the creepy guy trying to pick up a date while I'm on the clock.I show up extra early when I can and scope the event space out for optium setup and safety.
If I sound like I'm super reliable,it's because I am,other than for extreme weather events I haven't cancelled a showup in 15 years.