DJ Jonathan Ditmer

Based in San Clemente CA

We are an event and production company that provides DJ/Emcee and lighting services across Southern California. We specialize in just about every type of occasion. Everything from weddings, private parties, corporate events, to clubs, fashion shows, school dances and birthday parties. We also provide Event Coordination for your event if needed. Because every event is unique, we make it our goal to customize your occasion not only to meet all your needs, but to exceed all expectations.

Premier Event Specialists/Dance Club DJs is the premier interactive/live music entertainment company serving Orange County.

Premier Event Specialists/Dance Club DJs can turn your ordinary reception banquet hall into a state-of-the-art sight & sound extravaganza.
We truly do specialize in the art of "reading a crowd" and we're always going for that "reaction song"---the one that makes everybody really get into it. and then to hear them clap afterwards, really makes it all worth it! We are party motivators through our music, but we will get on the mic at appropriate times as well to enhance the evening, but we are not your typical loud, obnoxious dj! (Unless you REALLY want that! lol) We will do the YMCA, line dances and the whole 9 yards only if that fits your group, just let us know! And of course we take all REQUESTS!

We primarily provide dj/mc service, but we really are much more than that, meaning we basically serve as a coordinator for the entire recepeption (and option for the ceremony as well). Cake, Flowers, Catering, Venue. anything you don't have set yet, we can definitely advise you on! We have contacts with the best photographers/videographers and all professionals in the industry!

We would absolutely love to have a sit-down consultation/conversation you to custom tailor your event around you. We also have an extensive 7 page planner for your evening, if you desire a high amount of detail.

There is no charge for this and we would be honored to meet you and have you talk with one of our professional Event Specialists. This is not required (especially if you don't have the time),it's just a courtesy that we extend to you!

When choosing whose services to contract,
please consider how we are different?:

We are the complete package, not just DJ and not just MC.
We read the crowd, we take requests, we don't have the typical "dj ego"
We interact with your guests, we coordinate w/ your coordinator/photographer/videographer.
It's a team effort
If you don't have a coord., We step in and become your personal Event Specialist.
We have the Best Sound and Light Show and most importantly Selection of Music in Southern California (100,000+). From top 40 hits of the 20's to current--Latin, Country, Electro-House. You name it! We will customize to any special genres you choose ahead of time as well.
We believe the personality of your entertainer is one of the most important factors
Bottom line- If you're not happy, you don't pay.
There's NO other entertainer out there who will stand behind their work with that kind of guarantee!
We work with you every step of the way to give you the total control and peace of mind you deserve. How much is something like that worth?

It's Priceless


DJ Jonathan Ditmer