DJ Matt

Based in South Plainfield NJ

I have been a DJ/MC for over 10 years doing all types of events. I am extremely versatile, so I can be low or high energy; depending on what the client needs. I can do games with children at parties, execute any formalities at weddings, play some great music at a backyard BBQ or do anything else that is needed.

My music collection is very diverse and covers all types of music from the 20's through current day radio hits. I have latin, hip hop, reggae, rock, oldies, disco, and many other genres of music. I have all professional equipment, with QSC speakers, mackie subwoofers, denon mixer, akg wireless microhpone and also can do cd with a dual cd player or digital with an HP laptop. All of my digital music is on a 1.5 TB seagate external hard drive and I use PCDJ Red Mobile and Virtual DJ as well. I run an American Audio DP2 audio controller that has built in sound cards to interface with my laptop for playing music.

I also have a very extensive karaoke collection with over 100 thousand songs. I do have several lights with a 12 ft t-bar stand as well.