DJ One-Starr

Based in Gretna LA

With an illustrious three-decade career, DJ One-Starr has been a cornerstone of the New Orleans music scene. His unwavering commitment to the craft of DJing has made him a go-to choice for diverse clients from various backgrounds. Whether it's a lively wedding reception, a bustling nightclub, or an intimate private event, DJ One-Starr's skill and experience have brought joy and excitement to people from all walks of life in the enchanting city of New Orleans.

With a dynamic playlist and a deep understanding of the art of mixing, DJ One-Starr creates an atmosphere that resonates with the unique tastes and preferences of each audience. His passion for music and ability to read the crowd ensures that every event he takes on is an unforgettable experience. For 30 years and counting, DJ One-Starr has been a trusted name in the world of DJ services, offering the magic of music to the heart of New Orleans and beyond.

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Price per hour start at
Price: $250.00
Number of Performers: 2
Duration: 1 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $150.00