Based in Boston MA

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo , DJ ATM started as a hip hop dancer with a few accomplishments under his belt. NBC America's Got Talent, B.E.T Televison and other TV appearances. Also has gone on tour with recording artist and grammy award winner T-Pain. Surprisingly throughout the years the grasp of music started evolving which inspired him to host small events and entertain crowds from various demographics. Creating mix CDs for friends and family, his reputation as DJ ATM rapidly started rising which encouraged him to acquire many DJ gigs. Proms, Birthdays, Weddings ,College functions, the Nightlife and more. His passion as a hip hop dancer will forever remain in him, but right now he is eager to reveal to the world his endless desire for music through DJ'in.

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Having the opportunity to DJ for NBA Player Jae Crowder (Celtics forward) has been a motivational experience to only inspired me to perfect my craft for greater success.

"My objective as a DJ is to ensure that no one is sitting down bored."