Erin Og, Boston's Best Irish Band

Based in Marshfield MA

Boston's Erin Og, is based in Boston MA, possibly the most Irish city in the USA.  Boston's "Erin Og"  translates to Young Ireland and with good reason.  BEO is the next generation of Irish ballad groups, continuing the legacy of Irish music left to the world by the great bands of the past. ie. Dubliner's, Wolfetones.
        Though formerly  known as "Boston's Irish Rebel Band",  BEO continues to sing the songs of Ireland's 800 years of oppression, and have since broadened their repitoire to include all aspects of Irish folk music.    
          (They say the war is over, but we still have hope) 
         Boston's Erin Og is a nationally known Irish Ballad Band, having shared Event billing with such bands as The Wolfetones, The Young Wolfetones, Andy Cooney, Black 47, Bagatelle among others. Traveling the length of the U.S., being selected to play the Grand Opening of the RIRA Pub at Mandolay Bay Las Vegas, NV,  to being featured on the hit TV Show "Ghost Hunter's" at Paddy Rielly's in Manhattan NYC. Whether a crowded stadium or intimate venue BEO has the ability to adapt because of their versatility, from rousing Rebel and drinking songs, Jigs and Reels to soulful ballads. Boston's Erin Og is a world class Irish Folk Band that will not disappoint.

Boston's Erin Og