Based in New york NY

FunkMonk keeps funky beats at its core and piles on smooth vocals, heavy riffing, and total radio quality on top like so many layers on a of taking "Hot 97" (or your local hip-hop/R&B station)and mixing all of the day's music together, then throw in a little bit of ol' skool "funky horn" soloing (a la Maceo Parker), and you got FunkMonk. Many years ago in a faraway place called Germany, the young saxophone player who would become the driving force behind FunkMonk was slowly developing an idea in his mind. Through his years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, through his move to New York City, Welf Dorr's mind was added his funky interpretation of Thelonious Monk to the cauldron of modern groove music and came up with something out-of-this-world.