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Based in Downers grove IL

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room is a provider of team building activities through the fun of escape rooms. For organizations who are unable to bring their teams to a physical location, Fuzzy Logic's Online Escape Room Adventures can provide a safe alternative that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their homes in a way that still involves all the benefits of team building. In our standard offering, teams see what the live, in-room avatar sees physically in the escape room through a first-person camera view, and players are tasked with communicating where to look and what to do to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete the mission before the timer runs out!

Many Adventures To Choose From!   Always Unique! Very Affordable For Any Size Company!


  • In Person At The Fuzzy Logic Escape Room
  • New! Online With A Fuzzy Logic Escape Room  Virtual Event!

In Person:  With our In-Person Escape Room Experiences, you and your group come to enjoy an immersive environment to explore, filled with puzzles to conquer before time runs out! Great for school groups, corporate team building, a fun family day, or just enjoying a game with friends! In light of the continued response to the pandemic, all our games are private games and our sets will be sanitized prior to your group’s arrival. We ask that groups also take precautions to play their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19!

New to escape games? Have younger players joining? Escape Rooms are naturally challenging adventures, even for groups of adults, but contact us before your game if you’d like to request an Easy Mode with any of our escape rooms!


On Line: With our Online Escape Room Adventures, your team can play from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are, since you are not playing at our store in Illinois! That means that whether your friends or family live in separate households, different cities, or even distant countries, groups of people worldwide can enjoy playing our games! You take control of the action by guiding your in-room avatar, telling them where to search and what to do to solve puzzles!



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