G.Robin Smith Is Benjamin Franklin - Innovative American

Based in Everett WA

"Benjamin Franklin - Innovative American" brings the world of Dr. Benjamin Franklin to life in a unique, presentational Chautauqua-style performance. Hosted by history scholar, author, actor, and educator, Smith, "Benjamin Franklin - Innovative American" entertains, educates, and motivates. A refreshing way to experience history, "Benjamin Franklin - Innovative American" builds on the audience's own conversations with Dr. Franklin and provides a unique and intimate "brush" with history.

An engaging, educational tool for all ages as well as riveting entertainment for fundraising, groups, and social gatherings of all kinds, "Benjamin Franklin - Innovative American" brings the reality of Dr. Franklin's legacy to life. "Live! & Inperson-ated, it's Benjamin Franklin."

Benjamin Franklin (G.Robin Smith) Video Clips [360p]