Good Vibrations Beach Boys

Based in Las vegas NV

The Music - Timeless
The Summer - Endless
The Sound of Summer is:

Good Vibrations!

There is only one show that re-creates the timeless California spirit and incredible music of The Beach Boys as it was meant to be experienced.

Good Vibrations - A Celebration and Story of The Beach Boys!

Good Vibrations brings together a top-flight group of entertainers to bring the days of sun, surf, cars and girls into the now. This high-energy production is filled with all of The Beach Boys' signature hits including:

Surfin' USA
I Get Around
Help Me Rhonda
California Girls
Barbara Ann
and of course, the group's namesake classic-
Good Vibrations

All of the famous guitar riffs, melodies and of course, those ocean-deep harmonies are faithfully re-created right before your eyes and ears! This show is guaranteed to have the crowd on it's feet, dancing and singin along to the greatest hits of America's most legendary band, The Beach Boys!

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