Harold Huertas

Based in Roanoke TX

I know the people will enjoy what I do, I perform at many places throughout the metroplex and perform all types of music, so depending on the crowd and ambiance is what I play to.  Check me out if you haven't already, Harold Huertas, Dallas Fort Worth Musician  Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.  Harold

Come on a musical journey with me as I take center stage across the vibrant Dallas Fort Worth area, spreading love and joy through the enchanting power of music. My performances seamlessly blend the rhythmic flavors of both Latin and American music, offering a unique and inclusive experience that captivates diverse audiences. Whether you're yearning to hit the dance floor or unwind in the melodic embrace, I tailor my musical repertoire to your preferences.

As a solo artist, I orchestrate a symphony of sounds using a cutting-edge looper, skillfully playing the acoustic guitar while delivering soulful vocals. This dynamic approach allows me to craft a versatile sonic landscape, effortlessly transitioning between the pulsating energy of a full band ensemble and the intimate charm of acoustic melodies. From the electrifying beats of James Brown and Michael Jackson to the laid-back tunes of Jimmy Buffet and the timeless classics by The Eagles and John Mayer, my repertoire spans across genres, ensuring a musical experience that resonates with every taste.

A consummate professional, I possess the artistry to engage and connect with diverse crowds, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries between performer and audience. I come fully equipped with a microphone, speakers, and all the technical essentials to ensure a seamless and memorable event. Client satisfaction is my top priority, and the guarantee is a night where every attendee dances and sings along to their favorite tunes spanning decades, from the groovy beats of the '60s to the contemporary hits of today.

With a wealth of experience and a commitment to exceeding your highest expectations, my live performances promise an unforgettable musical odyssey that leaves an indelible mark on your event. Join me in creating magical moments that resonate with the rhythm of your celebration, and let the music be the heartbeat of your unforgettable night.

I perform live music and DJ Services and am passionate about delivering the best quality content I can. I am bilingual and perform both English and Spanish music, which makes me unique in having any type of crowd enjoying the music. Whether it's to get up and dance or relax and enjoy the music. Whichever you prefer is what I cater to. Live, I am a one man band, I play solo creating the music on what is called a looper and sing and play the acoustic guitar live on top of that, creating a full band sound or acoustic sound, whichever is needed. Anywhere from James Brown, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, Top 40 music, to The Eagles, John Meyer, All Spanish Music, The Temptations.  DJ Services is anything you desire. Clients are never disappointed! Everyone will dance all night and sing along with their favorite songs. My experience will exceed your highest expectations.


“Harold made our wedding ceremony and reception so special! He was so kind and accommodating to all of our little last minute requests. Every guest that we talked to immediately brought up what a great "touch" he was. Many of us agreed that his version of some popular songs were actually much better than the original artist. Watch out, Ed Sheeran! We would highly recommend Harold for any of your musical needs. We will definitely use him again!”  —  Jen & Stephen S.

“He only got 5 stars because that was all this allows. He was a true 19 star in our book! We used Harold last night for our party and we had all 50 of our guests thrilled and loving him after just 2 songs!!! What a talented, hard working guy. The extremely wide variety of songs he knows will blow you away. He did Bruno Mars to Johnny Cash! We had to MAKE him take a break to eat. Truly a pleasure to work with and we were in awe of his talents! Hire this young man! You will not be disappointed!!!”​ —  Michelle White

“I greatly enjoyed listing to you at the silver leaf lounge. My husband and I were there for our anniversary and listing to you really made our night.”​ —  LaTonya W

“We heard Harold at the Four Seasons on Easter Sunday, 2017 and really liked what we heard. In fact, I took his card.”  —  Debbie G.

“The guy does absolutely superb covers of just about every great guitar player out there (i.e Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Peter Frampton, etc), as well as a variety Popular MoTown, Jazz, and Country...and a lot more.  Harold produces truly professional sound, he is just as talented as those great guitar players noted above - truly! You simply must see this guy!  You will be amazed!”​ —  Roberto Alvarez