Harp Heaven

Based in Las vegas NV

I am the only mobile harpist in Las Vegas. My 8 lb $6000 carbon fiber electric harp goes anywhere on my chest. I can meet a guest in an elevator, on the strip, in a restaurant and make their day. I do classic covers from Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles, Disney and more. I do instrumentals and sing. I also do some fun musicalcomedy. I prefer to sing about natural health, I do commercials and sing about Elvis' colon and other fun ways of sneeking a little education into my act.

One of my favorite Las Vegas gigs was a spnostaneous one. Some tourists paid me to follow them to their suite at the Bellagio. They paid me to stand over teh bed and play as they woke up their buddies who were sleeping off a drunk. We all had a ball. They noted that they will be talking about the harpist in Las Vegas for 20 years. So if you can dream it. I can show up there and make it fun.

A street harpist in Las Vegas [360p]
Harp Healthy Advice at Helium [360p]
Stairway to Heaven Fremont St Las Vegas [360p]
Me performing Jingle Bills - Zaina Juliette Xmas Show [360p]