Hawaiian Soul

Based in Ewa Beach HI

Hawaiian Soul Biography:

"Hawaiian Soul" stands out as one of Hawaii's most distinctive live musical bands. Through a captivating blend of dance, vocal excellence, and instrumental artistry, the band inspires its audience to stand up, dance, and revel in the moment. From tunes that span the late 1950s to contemporary hits, "Hawaiian Soul" captivates its listeners by interweaving the nostalgia of golden classics with the vibrancy of modern sounds. The very essence of the "Hawaiian Soul" sonic experience compels its audience to clap their hands, snap their fingers, stomp their feet, and make their bodies dance with unbridled enthusiasm.

The performances by "Hawaiian Soul" have earned comparisons to the spectacular entertainers found in renowned entertainment destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The band adeptly merges the warmth of the Aloha spirit with the sweetness of Rhythm and Blues. With their distinctive interpretations of timeless Motown melodies, Top 40 hits, infectious Dance beats, resonating Country melodies, and other musical standards, "Hawaiian Soul" stands as an unmatched musical force within the Hawaiian islands.

At the forefront of "Hawaiian Soul" are two remarkable vocalists who are among the most accomplished in the state. The dynamic duo of Michael Cobb and Ginai are widely acknowledged in the community as Hawaii's premier male and female vocalists. Their unique vocal styles and polished performances set an unparalleled standard. The band's rhythm section also boasts some of Hawaii's most gifted musicians. The band's instrumentalists, Bassist Michael Norris, Drummer Scott Shafer, Guitarist Michael Bowlin and Keyboard Player Maureen Baker are well known throughout the islands, widely respected and have likewise shared their talents with notable national acts over the years. This fusion of exceptional talent and distinctive flair has shaped "Hawaiian Soul" into the sensational entity it is today.

For an all-encompassing journey through genres like "Soul," "Funk," "Dance," "Jazz," and even "Country," "Hawaiian Soul" stands as the ultimate musical destination. In every note they play and every lyric they sing, "Hawaiian Soul" showcases why they are unequivocally Hawaii's foremost live band.

Experience the epitome of musical excellence with "Hawaiian Soul" — truly, the pinnacle of a live musical performance.

Group Members:

Michael Cobb , Leader
Ginai Hill
Mike Norris
Michael Bowlin 
Scott Shafer 

Maureen Baker

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Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Basic Pricing (Estimate Only)
Price: $2,025.00
Number of Performers: 6
Duration: 1 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $2,025.00

Hawaiian Soul can provide sound and lighting at an additional fee. Hawaiian Soul can secure additional outside services if necessary for an additional charge.