Hawaiian Storytelling

Based in Glendale South Carolina

With Kaleo Wheeler Hawaiian Storytelling, forget the “little grass skirt”. The moment you hear her trained voice soar with a Hawaiian chant and experience her sharing their ancient form of storytelling – the Hula, you will be transformed with her voice, stories and dance to the natural heartfelt beauty of of Hawaii & the Aloha Spirit. She invites everyone to become an integral part of the entire experience, and learning a hula always enhances the enjoyment for everyone. Whether a private birthday party, charity or corporate event, you and your guests will have a memorable experience that you will always remember. Kaleo is also a Cultural Awareness Consultant and Presenter.  She offers learning opportunities to understand the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle and how it can help us in today's world to maintain harmony and balance in all our relationships - with our heart, mind and spirit, the sacred land and the human family  The Cultural Awareness Programs are offered to both adults and keiki (young ones) in presentations and classes, especially through schools, libraries and community centers. 

Aunty Alice