Corean Gonzales Hula Hoop Extraordinaire

Based in Austin TX

Hello all!  I am a cirque artist most known for my hula hooping.  I also have many other circus skills up my sleeves.  Hula hooping isn't just for kids anymore.  My hoop performances have been featured at NCAA half time shows, product launches, grand opening events, corporate events, fairs/festivals, theme parks, quince's and more!  But what can I possibly do with a hula hoop that is so special, you may wonder.  I can balance hoops, I can roll hoops across my body in unique ways, I can juggle hula hoops, I can juggle balls/clubs while hula hooping, I can hoops over 6 hoops on different parts of my body at one time and I can hoop over 30 hoops on my waist! I have regular hoops and I have LED hoops. I have acts that are fun and high energy and acts that are mesmerizing and elegant.  I can even create a custom act for your particular needs with whatever theme or mood you have in mind, just provide me with your music.  I have a 30 minute extravaganza show ( available for stage or street show format) that includes all my best hoop tricks plus tons of audience participation.  Let me know how I can help make your event even more magical.  

Variety Artist Circus Corean. By Day By Night