Innocent Mind

Based in Compton CA

Bio: Innocent Mind

“Wilson” aka “Innocent Mind” is a Soul, Latin Hip-Hop artist from Aliso Village Projects in Los Angeles, California. Being a fan of music, growing up always listening to music, naturally grew into a solid taste for underground music. Innocent Mind began his artistic journey as a drummer in live bands. (Place Innocent Mind on the drums and his musicianship becomes instantly apparent).

After his band broke up in “1998”, each member went their own creative way, allowing Innocent Mind to reinvent himself into the passionate, hard-driven MC we have today.

With his continued love and passion of hip hop music Innocent Mind started composing his own original songs in English and Spanish. Motivated by his love of underground music is what fuels him to keep delivering his listeners with continuous musical creativity from the hearth.

His music and passionate penmanship is storytelling, using his own true life experiences growing up in the inner city to educate, up-lift, and challenge the way youths and young adults look at the world to create positive change in the world.

In “2009”, Innocent Mind traveled to his parents’ homelands, mothers El Salvador, fathers Michoacán Mexico, where his music and lyrics evolved further, leading him to work on various solo projects to date.

Innocent Mind keeps his great spirit alive and is well known within the hip hop community for delivering solid music while putting in work to grow and evolve further in his musical path.

Innocent Mind says it best “…I’m here doing what I love to-do, making originality to inspire you is what Innocent mind has always been about”.

Keep listening and you’ll soon realize why they call him “Innocente” or “Innocent Mind”.