Irish Inn Mates

Based in Cabin john MD

Lively Irish traditional music for all occasions. Jigs, reels and hornpipes, some songs and slow airs. Can be embellished with traditional Irish step dancing or Sean Nos (Old Style) dance. Several ensembles available. Fiddle, Flute, Guitar, Drum, Bouzouki, Banjo, Irish Tin Whistle etc.


The Irish Inn Mates play Irish traditional music. Jigs, reels, polkas and songs from Ireland. They play every Monday night at the Irish Inn in Glen Echo from 7 - 10pm. They are often joined by friends, singers, musicians and dancers. They also give the occasional concert, play for private events, parties, festivals or dances. Don't miss this little piece of musical Ireland when you visit Glen Echo.


Mitch Fanning - fiddle, Jesse Winch - bodhran, guitar, bouzouki and harmonica, Tina Eck - flute and whistle and some vocals and Zan McLeod on guitar.

The Inn Mates have been playing at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo pretty much since Christy Hughes (Co. Longford) opened this hugely successful bar and restaurant in 2004. Monday nights, a table in the pub area is reserved for music, song and dance. The Inn Mates have also performed at private events, festivals and notable venues like the Kennedy Center, the European Union Headquarters in Washington DC and the Irish Embassy


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