Jazz Amalgam - Fine, Classic Jazz for Dining & Dancing

Based in Austin TX

Austin, TX - Austin's own Jazz Amalgam is a fresh, new quartet of guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, made up of some of the finest musicians in Texas, each bringing a unique style and energy to this group. It is truly an amalgamation of jazz styles and musical personalities, always fresh, always entertaining, always swinging!

Our featured vocalist, Mr. Garrick Navar,  brings to the group a vocal presence both warm and soulful, transporting audiences back to a time when singers brought melody and lyrics to life, creating an intimate, sophisticated, and memorable musical experience based on the beauty of the song itself.

Jazz Amalgam specializes in music for dining and dancing enjoyment, always musical, always entertaining, and forever dedicated to providing a great performance, for all ages.

Available for performances in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and all parts of Texas and the South, Southwest!